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quality award 2008, endorsed by commonwealth of puerto rico tourism company

Your mini boat

couple at puerto chico
No experience nor specific
skills are required
to operate our mini boats

Driving our inflatable dinghies is easy and suitable to first-time boaters. No experience nor specific skills are required.

Your boat is a 13ft Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB). The boat's hard fiberglass hull makes it stable and comfortable. This dinghy can't flip over and can't sink.

eco friendly engine
Our mini boats are powered by
Eco friendly, low emission
4 cycle engines

Our Mini Boats and safety equipment are approved by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Puerto Rico Dept. of Natural Resources

When anchored, each Mini Boat has a Pop-up canopy providing shady comfort from the sun.

miniboat at high speed in puerto rico
They're zippy too!

Each boat carries up to 4 persons and is powered by a super-quiet, eco friendly 40 horsepower outboard motor.

How to drive? You will be sitting on a comfortable padded bench placed in the center of the dinghy. You steer the wheel like a car, and have a throttle on your side with 3 positions (forward, neutral, reverse). Can't be easier! You can cruise slow or drive as fast as a jetski.

The boat has compartments under its seat, but bags can get wet so beware!